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Order Sydänystävä Omega-3

Daily serving of 2 capsules contains:
Fish oil 1000 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids 730 mg
EPA 410 mg
DHA 210 mg
Other n-3 fatty acids 100 mg


Price: 44,90 euro / 4 months

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Terms and Conditions

You will receive your first delivery of Sydänystävä Omega-3 fish oil capsules into your mailbox approximately two weeks after placing your order – free of shipping costs.

The delivery contains 240 fish oil capsules, which will last one person 4 months, when taken at a normal serving size (2 capsules per day) The price is 44,90 €. The price of each continued delivery is 44,90 €.

You will not pay the invoice until you receive the product. The invoice is included in the package. You may change the time between deliveries or discontinue the deliveries at any time by calling our free customer service number at 0800 304030 (weekdays from 9 – 17).

We will check your credit score before sending you the delivery. We do not send deliveries to individuals who have poor credit scores.


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