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How is quality created? - The manufacturing process of Sydänystävä

The manufacturing process of Sydänystävä Omega-3 is very carefully designed and strictly controlled. For this reason, the foreign material levels are among the lowest on the fish oil market.

When Sydänystävä Omega-3 was being designed, Epax As was selected as the fish oil producer out of all fish oil producers in the world. The reason for this was their willingness to provide the Finnish people with as pure and high-quality fish oil as possible. Since it is so easy to make claims regarding the quality of a product and difficult to prove those claims, we especially appreciated the transparency, controllability and traceability of every part of the chain of production. The whole production chain of Sydänystävä Omega-3 is carefully designed and controlled all the way from choosing the area of fishing to the location of final processing. Epax As even conducts 14 000 quality-control analyses every year.

The anchovies that are used for the production are caught in the territorial waters of Peru and Chile, which are known for the strict control of their fishing grounds. Austral Group SAA, the first South American company to receive the Friend of the Sea -certificate, is responsible for the fishing. Starting from catching the fish, the entire chain of production takes place in the production facilities of Epax, which makes the strict quality-control possible, beginning from the processing of raw fish oil. Sydänystävä is manufactured in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations which were created to regulate international health products. Even more noteworthy is the fact that Epax has received the API approval from the Norwegian health authorities. This approval is only granted for manufacturers whose process of manufacturing fulfills the pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements.

The refining process takes place in the Epax As facilities on the Peruvian coast, after which, the raw fish oil is transported to Ålesund in Norway for purification and further processing. Any heavy metals or other toxins possibly concentrated in the fish are removed from the fish oil during the purification process, which takes almost one month to complete. Epax As is the only fish oil manufacturer which uses the so-called two-step purification method: in addition to molecular distillation, environmental toxins are removed by a distinct screening method. For this reason, the Epax fish oil contains the lowest levels of environmental toxins and contaminants on the market.

The health benefits of eating fatty fish have been widely recognized, while attention has been paid to the environmental toxins concentrated in the fish. Sydänystävä Omega-3 has these health benefits while protecting us from environmental toxins. While it is beneficial to eat fish regularly, it is advisable to also use an Omega-3 dietary supplement to increase the level of the necessary Omega-3 fatty acids.

In the manufacturing process of fish oil, Epax utilizes the so-called enzyme process which protects the fish oil from heat and oxygen, thus ensuring the preservation of health benefits. The fresh flavor of Sydänystävä is indicative of the freshness and low level of oxidation of the fish oil (the PV and Totox levels).

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