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Protecting the environment – Fishing for Sydänystävä

Most users of Omega-3 dietary supplements are people who recognize our common responsibility to protect the unique environment of Earth. Since we also share the same concern, we support a sustainable way of fishing by which the raw material for our product is obtained.

Epax As, the fish oil manufacturer for Sydänystävä, has received the Friend of the Sea -certificate which is granted for sustainable fishing. Likewise, Austral Group SAA, who does the fishing for Epax, has received the same certificate as the first South American fishing company.

A harmful phenomenon which causes unnecessary damage to marine life is the so-called bycatch. This refers to the unintended catching of all kinds of other species which are usually "wasted." The anchovies and sardines used in the manufacturing of Sydänystävä are caught in specific nets which are carefully designed for these species. In this way, bycatch can be reduced significantly.

Fish stocks in oceans are renewed efficiently if disciplinary and ecological methods of fishing are applied. Austral Group SAA has long exemplified an ecological way of fishing. Among other things, the company has refused to fish during the spawning time for anchovies. Decisions like this effectively contribute to the prevention of overfishing and the protection of the priceless global fish stocks.

The other aspects of the manufacturing process of fish oil are also environmentally friendly. For example, the fish oil that does not eventually end up being used in Epax's products is recycled as biofuel.

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